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EWS Baywatch Out of The Blue

4/25/19 ASPC Mare #170401

Sire: Wa-Full Unique Scorpion


2018 Scorpion 3 yr.JPG

Dam: EWS Baywatch Babe 

2021 2 yr old.JPG

SOLD  -  Black Vintage O.K.

5/23/06 ASPC Mare #156623A

"Okie" is a fabulous producing broodmare

She is the Dam of 

EWS Nebraska Chrome Congress Grand Mare 2015
EWS Don't B Fooled Congress Res Jr Champ Mare 2018

Sire: Wilk. Wind Walker

Dam: Syrena WAH


EWS Don't B Fooled the 2018 Congress Res Jr. Champ Mare

See "young stock" page for details

Bred to Wilk Indisputable Charm for 2020

EWS Nebraska Chrome

4/8/14 ASPC Mare #164714

2015 Congress GRAND Champion Mare, over


Chrome 2018 Congress Grand Mare_edited.j

Sire: Dakota Image FMF

Dam: Black Vintage O.K.

Bred to Wilk Empire for 2021

Finny prof 3.jpg

EWS Black Chrome Finish
Rio X Chrome 2018 daughter

Now owned by Chesa Henkel

Chrome head.jpg

EWS Derby Day

5/1/15 ASPC Mare #165742

FULL Sister to EWS Nebraska Chrome

Derby Day 2017_edited.jpg
derby day 2017 2 yr old_edited.jpg

Sire: Dakota Image FMF

Dam: Black Vintage O.K.

Bred to Wilk Indisputable Charm for 2021

EWS Unique Image of Cookie

5/28/15 ASPC Mare #165972


Dam: Wa-Full Unique Pecan Sandie of EWS

June 5 Midge pretty.jpg
Pecan Sandi.jpg

Sire: Dakota Image FMF 


"Midge" is a Grand Daughter of the Great
Lee-Land Unique

EWS Miss America

4/11/16 ASPC Mare #166965

July 29 2020 trot.jpg
Miss America 2017 yearling (2).jpg

Full Sister to

EWS Don't B Fooled

2018 Congress Res. Jr. Champion Classic Mare, over

Don't B Fooled Professional pic 2018.png

Now owned by

Teri Silva.

Photo by

Sandy Revard

Sire: Wilk Impresario "Rio"

Dam: Black Vintage O.K.

EWS Rio's Baywatch Pamela

4/12/18 ASPC Mare #169185

Sire: Wilk. Impressio

  2014 Congress Classic Pleasure Driving

Stake Champion

Pamela 2 (2).jpg
Rio driving.jpg
2021 May 29.JPG

Dam: EWS Bud's Baywatch Babe

Babe 2017_edited.jpg

Sire: Wa-Full Mr. Bud Wiser

Dam: Wa-Full Bennibelle Blue

EWS Equine

Classics With Style

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